Augmentum GmbH & Co. KG is an e-commerce company based just outside the old trading metropolis of Hamburg, Germany.

We are committed to developing high-quality and innovative products and marketing them under our own brands

Augmentum comes from Latin language and can be translated as expansion, progress, advancement and further development, among other things. Derived from this, the English “to augment” also means to enrich, grow, supplement, expand, increase or improve. As a standing term, “augmented product” also refers to a product that is equipped with additional functions, features and benefits and thus stands out from the competition.

Andreas Gärtner

In developing our products, we strive for meaningful innovation to provide added value to our customers.

We believe that without constantly working on new ideas and improvements, no sustainable success is possible. This important component of our corporate philosophy has also been rewarded by the EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office) and the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), by whom we are co-funded within the framework of their innovation funding programs “ideas powered for business – SME Fund” as well as “WIPANO (Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards)”.

For the marketing of our products, we count on e-commerce.

In addition to our own sales channels, i.e. the online stores for our brands, we use suitable marketplaces (such as Amazon) to distribute our products internationally. We support this with effective marketing based on modern technologies and a steady optimization process. Through this form of direct sales, we have direct contact with our customers – whether private consumers or companies – and use this valuable exchange for the continuous improvement and further development of our products and our product lines.

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Old school meets modern entrepreneurship.

As an owner-managed company, we focus on sustainable economic growth and moderate risk instead of – as is often the case with young companies – maximizing the potential sales price as part of an exit strategy from day one and the involvement of faceless investors. The owner Andreas Gärtner is a passionate entrepreneur and, together with his team, puts a lot of heart and soul into the development of our brands and products. We plan for the long term and work every day to ensure that our company remains stable and successful in the future.

The development of good products is our motivation. Furthermore, we are proud to contribute our share to a competitive German and European economy and to make a social contribution by creating jobs.

We focus on quality and innovation as important pillars for economic sustainability, instead of dumping prices and mass-produced goods. Our product lines are designed for long product life cycles; we avoid short-lived “trend products”. For these reasons, too, we rely on a large proportion of German and European production partners. However, we also appreciate our selected Asian partners, the cultural exchange also enriches our company.

We consider ourselves bound to the Hanseatic merchant tradition with its old values such as honesty, integrity, reliability, diligence, reason, foresight, fairness and respect.

ppreciation of all people is self-evident and indispensable. We live these values every day – without regarding it necessary to participate in trendy virtue signalling-campaigns.

We value all employees, applicants and business partners, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, political or sexual orientation. However, we have decided against using “woke” language and do not see this as a contradiction.

Andreas Gärtner
Andreas Gärtner


Owner and CEO of Augmentum GmbH & Co. KG is Andreas Gärtner.

He studied business administration at the universities of Kiel (Germany) and Ljubljana (Slovenia), was awarded an e-fellows scholarship and graduated as Diplom-Kaufmann (former German M.Sc. equivalent). After graduation, he started working for a “Big Four” auditing company and worked in the field of auditing for several years. Via a trainee program with a focus on marketing and sales at a large trading company, he moved from consulting “into business”. There he developed his passion for innovative products and e-commerce. Through the company’s participation in the jury of a well-known TV start-up show, he came into contact with many start-up companies and their founding spirit. He then took the opportunity to build up a private label department as Head of E-Commerce at a medium-sized Hamburg-based retail company and to shape e-commerce sales. With a similar focus, he was also successful as Head of Marketing and Sales at a manufacturer of modern security technology products before taking the step to found his own company.

Equipped with broad practical business experience, many years of specialization in brand building, marketing and e-commerce (B2C and B2B) as well as a good sense for the potential of products, Andreas Gärtner is the driving force behind Augmentum.

The success of our company depends on the team behind it.

We are proud of our motivated and competent employees as well as of our strong and reliable partners.

Would you also like to be part of our team? Take a look at our current job advertisements.

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