Our Brands

Strong brands – with the Augmentum-Plus

All our products go through a rigorous selection and development process to become part of our brand assortment. In addition to quality, functionality, innovation and meeting the requirements of our customers, this also requires compliance with our Augmentum-philosophy We want to offer our customers added value with every product, count on long product life cycles and avoid short-lived “trend products”. Trusting in these aspects, our customers honor this with a high level of brand loyalty.


Security is a major concern for us. For brand our advanSecure, we develop modern, security-centered products, for application in both the private as well as in the commercial sector. Whether mechanical or with electronic components – our products are well thought-out problem solvers and meet the highest security requirements. According to the name component “advan-“, we strive for constant innovation in product development as well as a high customer benefit of each product.

Five Elements

The five elements-concept (metal, wood, earth, water, fire) stems from the Far Eastern philosophy to describe nature. This is reflected in the name of FIVE ELEMENTS – our brand for beautiful, valuable and innovative garden products: In harmony with the elements of nature and with high-quality materials and ingredients, our products help to design and maintain the home garden as a beautiful oasis of relaxation. A special focus lies on the element of water.

Here you can find the FIVE ELEMENTS online store.